Foundation Repair

Tri State Development foundation repair experts are able to evaluate your structural damage and develop a scope of work that will allow you the “peace of mind” of a structurally sound foundation.

Should your foundation be to the point of failure, Tri State Development will support your foundation to allow for the removal of the failed wall and reconstruct and reinforce your foundation to stronger than new condition. Every foundation repair project is unique and will be handled in that manner.

Foundation repair may be the most important repair that you ever do to your home.
FOUNDATIONS- Tri State development foundation repair experts will evaluate your structural damage and develop a custom solution for you, whether that means reinforcing the existing foundation, or removing it and reconstructing it. Every foundation repair project is unique and will be handled in that way.
Tri-State Development is one of the few companies in Western Pennsylvania that can completely replace any foundation.

Many foundation issues can be resolved with one of our bracing options (link to bracing). However, some foundation damage is so severe that the only option is replacement.

Our trained specialists will walk you through the process and share examples of our previous work. We have the expertise to replace the following:

  • Foundation walls
  • Footers
  • Concrete slabs
  • Main support beams
  • Masonry restoration

The replacement of all, or part, of a foundation will include a complete exterior waterproofing solution that is covered with a 30-year transferrable warranty.

Tri State Development has an unsurpassed reputation earned over 30 years of offering the highest quality craftsmanship with a willingness to stand behind its work and warranties. To be the most innovative and stay effective in its field Tri State Development consistently improves on its methods and updates equipment.

Tri State Development is 100% committed to offering top quality at a competitive rate with customer satisfaction a top priority.

View the pictures below to see how great work is done!